Favorite Pokemon?

Blastoise. Why

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the new batman movie looks good

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Despite your loyal service to this island, you got cancer. You had to watch your own daughter gunned down right in front of you. And your reward for those sacrifices? You were banished. And you did all this in the name of a man you’ve never even met. So the question is, Ben, why the hell WOULDN’T you want to kill Jacob?

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Make me choose:
        ↳ amber-gypsy asked: Charlie Francis or Scarlie Both!

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I’m sorry. Ignore me guys, I’m drunk and sad.

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"Friendzoned again!" I shout, pumping my fist in the air. I made a new friend today. Today is a good day.

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It pisses me off how some friends are like ‘Urrrgh my dad asks too many questions blah blah’. and it makes me want to cry cos I wish my dad was still here to do that. Perspective. Life sucks

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Many Ladies wear it this way

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*upper middle class fucker voice* But you have [one nice thing] so how are you poor 


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